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General terms and conditions

This document is not filed, it is concluded only in electronic form, it does not qualify as a written contract, it is written in Hungarian, translated to English it does not refer to a code of conduct. In case of any questions related to the operation of the website, the ordering and delivery process, we are at your disposal at the given contact details.

The scope of these GTC covers the legal relations on the Service Provider’s website (// and its subdomains. This GTC is available at all times from the following website: // and can be downloaded and printed from at any time.

Service providers details:

Name of the service provider: Dóra Czeglédi-Homonnai entrepreneur

Service provider’s place of business (and place of complaint handling): Switzerland 4055 Basel Strassburgerallee 81.

Contact details of the service provider, regularly used e-mail address for contacting customers:

Phone number: +36 70 366 2805, +41 78 909 9225

The language of the contract: Hungarian and English

Objectives and legal bases of data management

The purpose of this information is to enable visitors to this website and my future partners to identify in a transparent and clear manner what personal data I handle and on what basis I do so.

1.Contact form

The contact form on this website is intended to provide an online contact option. Please provide a name and email address on the form. I handle this data on a consent basis.

2.Instagram page

I also come across personal data on my Instagram page, which is operated online for the purpose of online contact, commenting on news, providing opinions, advertising a business, gaining potential customers, and which I obtain with the consent of the person concerned.


If you order one of my services, we usually sign a contract and issue an invoice for the work done, which is required by law, asking for the billing name and address and the email address where we will reconcile the data (this will usually be in my possession earlier at the time of contact).

4.Website maintenance

If you order modification work or maintenance for an existing website, I may also have access to other personal information (e.g., webshop order details, comments from other blogs). I always get these on a contractual basis.

5.Contact by phone

When you call the phone number posted on the website, I will see your phone number. You’re probably introducing yourself so I’ll get to know your name too. The former is absolutely necessary data, I do not receive a call from an unknown number. I will handle this data with your consent so that I can call you back if I am currently unable to pick up the phone. If no business relationship is established between us, I did not leave a phone number and an associated name.


A package of information consisting of cookie letters and numbers that websites typically send to your browser for the purpose of saving certain settings, making the website easier to use, and helping to gather some relevant, statistical information about your visitors. Cookies do not contain personal information and are not suitable for identifying an individual user. Cookies often contain a unique identifier – a secret, randomly generated sequence of numbers – that your device stores. Some cookies expire after you close the website, and some are stored on your computer for a longer period of time.

List of cookies used on the site

Hozzájáruláson alapul adatkezelésem a következő tevékenységeknél:

  • -contacting interested parties through the contact form on the website
  • -Instagram site operation
  • -compiling attendance statistics
  • -contact by phone

Consent may be withdrawn at any time in the same simple manner as it was given.

For an Instagram page, you can unfollow the page, in the case of a private message and comment, by deleting it.

For my other consent-based data management operations, please write a short message to email address.

Data processing prior to the withdrawal of consent is considered lawful.

Contract and legal obligation

Keeping the billing data and issuing the invoice is my legal obligation. If the requested data is not provided by my client, it will be impossible for me to perform the service undertaken.

After ordering my services, a contract is concluded with the customers in writing or orally. My business basically contracts with legal entities, yet my contracts may include personal information such as the contact person’s name, phone number, email address, or the name of the legal entity’s representative. The condition for concluding a contract is that I know this information, I need to know who the other party is, where I can get it. Without knowing the details, I do not consider the contract to be concluded and I cannot perform the service.

Duration of data storage

Contact form (name, email address) – until the end of the business relationship

Instagram page (name, comment) – until the page is deleted, the page is undoed by the data subject, the data is deleted by the data subject

Billing name and address – for the period prescribed by law, in case of sole proprietors the current year + 5 years

Website maintenance work (e.g. backup storage) – until contract expires

Cookies from – until the validity period of cookies or until the user deletes them from their browser

GA traffic statistics – 26 months

Security measures

I take appropriate security measures in my business to ensure that I protect my personal information.

In developing appropriate security measures, I have taken into account the nature, scope, circumstances, purposes of data processing, and the varying probability and severity of the risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons.

Storage provider:
Evolutionet Kft.

7342 Mágocs, Széchenyi utca 75. Hungary

+ 36 30 503 1929

PAYPAL – 22-24 Boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg
Phone: 00 1 402-935-2050

Instagram page:
Facebook Inc.
Menlo Park, California, USA
Privacy policy:

Google Analytics:
Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA

Rights of the data subject

1.Access to personal data

Visitors to my website, customers and partners have the right to request feedback on whether their personal data is being processed and, if so, to access the following information:

  • -purposes of data management
  • -the categories of personal data concerned
  • -the intended period for which the data will be stored, if this is not possible, the criteria for determining this period
  • -the data subject’s right to request the controller to rectify, delete or restrict the processing of personal data concerning him or her and to object to the processing of such personal data

2.Right to rectification

Visitors to my website, customers, and partners have the right to correct inaccurate personal information about them upon request. Taking into account the purpose of the data management, it is possible to request the completion of incomplete personal data. I must inform the recipient to whom I have communicated personal data of the rectification, unless this is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. Upon request, I will inform the data subject about the addressees.

3.Right of cancellation

I shall, without undue delay, delete personal data relating to my client, client, website visitor, or without request, if

  • -personal data is no longer required for the purpose for which I collected it or otherwise processed it
  • -the customer / visitor withdraws the consent on which the data processing is based and there is no other legal basis for the data processing
  • -the customer / visitor objects to the data processing and there is no priority legitimate reason for the data processing
  • -I have handled personal data illegally
  • -personal data must be deleted in order to fulfill a legal obligation under European Union or Member State law applicable to the controller

I do not have to delete personal data if the data processing is necessary for the submission, enforcement or protection of legal claims. If a request is made to delete such data, I will consider and respond to my decision in writing.

I must inform all recipients to whom I have disclosed personal data of the deletion, unless this is impossible or requires a disproportionate effort. I will inform my client / client / user about the recipients on request..

In case of a complaint

I treat your personal data with the utmost care. If you still feel that I have not taken all the steps required of me to protect your personal information, or simply have a question, please email me at

If my business violates the principles of data management, the data subjects can exercise their rights in court, in the framework of a civil lawsuit. The trial falls within the jurisdiction of the tribunal